Funny Pictures

Here are some funny pictures for you to enjoy!

Can Jakegood prove to Sensei that water actually can beat snow? Probably not.

Jakegood has a very stylish puffle!

Jakegood found a giant pin! It’s bigger than him!

I thought that Scorn would be MUCH bigger!

Jakegood will try to live with the trees!

Looks like he really doesn’t want to drown.

That’s a big puffle…

So that’s not a costume?

Where’s Aunt Arctic?

Wow! Jakegood has super powers!


3 responses

  1. Haha funny

  2. Jake u r really funny & can u make a good Christmas igloo or any holiday igloos?

    1. Yeah, I’m capable of making some pretty nice Holiday Igloos. 🙂

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