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Club Penguin Yearbook 2009-2010 Cheats!

Here are the cheats for the fifth yearbook ever made! (Note: you can’t get anything from the yearbooks.)

To uncover the Fourth Year Anniversary Cake Pin go to page 3 and click on the fourth anniversary party hat.

To uncover the Hot Cocoa Pin go to page 4 and click on the hot sauce bottle.

To uncover the Snowman Pin go to page 6 and click on the sleigh in one of the pictures.

To uncover the Puffer Fish Pin go to page 7 and click on the jackhammer sign.

To uncover the Enchanted Feather Pin go to page 8 and click on the word “secrets”

To uncover the Cupcake Pin go to page 9 and click on the Puffle Rescue badge.

To uncover the Recycling Badge Pin go to page 11 and click on the white hand. The pin will bounce across the screen.

To uncover the Toothbrush Pin go to page 12 and click on the knight penguin in the picture.

To uncover the Ruby Ring Pin go to page 14 and click on part of the snowball cannon.

To uncover the Tamborine Pin go to page 15 and click on the red penguin that’s in one of the pictures that has on the blue spikester.

To uncover the Clip Pin go to page 16 and click on the cloud.

To uncover the Ticket Pin go to page 18 and click on the magical cane that’s in one of the pictures.