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Club Penguin Yearbook 2008-2009 Cheats!

Here’s the cheats for the fourth yearbook ever made! (Note: you can’t get anything from the yearbooks.)

To uncover the Microscope Pin go to page 4 and click on the picture that’s in the top right corner.

To uncover the Snow Shovel Pin go to page 5 and click on the snow that’s on the Dojo.

To uncover the Present Pin go to page 8 and click on the present that Rockhopper has his arm on.

To uncover the Taco Pin go to page 10 and click on the brown penguin with maracas and a sombrero.

To uncover the Box Of Puffle-O’s Pin go to page 11 and click on the white puffle.

To uncover the Top Hat Pin go to page 12 and click on the light blue penguin’s blue top hat.

To uncover the Chocolate Bunny Pin go to page 14 and click on the Purple Easter Egg with a present on it.

To uncover the Crown Pin go to page 16 and click on the brown penguin that’s in a blue dragon costume.

To uncover the Safari Hat Pin go to page 17 and click on the yellow bird.

To uncover the Umbrella Pin go to page 18 and click on the green penguin that’s playing a tuba.

To uncover the Koi Fish Pin go to page 20 and click on the anvil shaped cloud.

To uncover the Fire Pin go to page 22 and click on the picture with a ninja in it.