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Club Penguin Yearbook 2007-2008 Cheats!

Here are the cheats for the third yearbook ever made! Club Penguin didn’t put any hidden pins in the second one though. (Note: you can not get anything from the yearbooks.)

To uncover the Paddle Pin go to page 3 and click on the green piece of candy that’s near the top.

To uncover the Spaceship Pin go to page 5 and click on the UFO near the top.

To uncover the Mistletoe Pin go to page 6 and click on the top of the Coins For Change Donation Station.

To uncover the Anchor Pin go to page 8 and click on the yellow fish.

To uncover the Pyramid Pin go to page 11 and click on the green puffle.

To uncover the Goblet Pin go to page 12 and you’ll see a penguin in a dragon costume near the top. Click on his face.

To uncover the Ice Cream Pin go to page 14 and click on the inflatable octopus’s eyes.

To uncover the Treble Clef Pin go to page 15 and click on the Music Jam Jar.

To uncover the 150th Newspaper Pin go to page 17 and click on the Fitness Medal.

To uncover the Magnifying Glass Pin go to page 18 and click on the blue puffle near the left of the page that’s getting fed a Puffle-O.