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Link Your Website

Hey guys! I’m going to accept offers to link other peoples websites to mine. All you have to do is send me a comment offering me to put a link to your website on mine. If I do so, then you have to put a link to your website on YOURS. Here are the rules for comments and websites:


1. Please don’t try to get me to buy random things like Ugh Boots and Smokeless Cigarettes.

2. Don’t make your comment really long, or it’ll go into spam. Don’t blame me, cause’ I’m not controlling that issue.

3. You CAN ask me to put trackers or something on my website from yours.


1. It HAS to be about Club Penguin. Not anything like a dating website, or how to cook.

2. After a period of time I’ve put a link to your website on mine, and I still don’t see a link to mine on yours, then I’ll take you off my blogroll.

That’s all the rules. So if you want more traffic on your website, just make a comment. ;-D