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How To Beat Mysterious Tremors!

Here’s how to beat Mysterious Tremors!

First, talk to Gary. When your done, click on the Brown Fedora on the shelf left of him.

After you’ve done that, put the sludge hammer that’s on the wall into your inventory.

Now head to the Dock. As soon as you get there, you’ll see Herbert and Klutzy pop out of the snow in a machine. You’ll have to talk to him.

Herbert will eventually show you his map of the tunnels he’d made, and thenĀ  Klutzy would end up cutting it in half by accident. You’ll have to get the 2 pieces back. When he’s done talking, pick up Klutzy’s lamp he left behind.

Now, go to the Coffee Shop. You’ll see cookies all over the place. Talk to the brown penguin, then help him.

After this, the brown penguin will give you a free cookie. Now go to the Town. You’ll notice that one half of the map is stuck to Dance Club. Put the Brown Fedora onto the sad green puffle, then give him your free cookie. He’ll get the note for you.

After you’ve picked up one half of the map, go to the Snow Forts. You’ll notice that the other half of the map is on one of the flags. Click it, and it’ll fly over to the Plaza.

At the Plaza, you’ll see the note fly into a green penguin’s newspaper. He’ll say that he’s starving, and that he’d like a Double meat pizza with extra grey fish.

Head over to the Pizza Parlor and ask the chef for a Double meat pizza with extra grey fish. Then, go trade the green penguin the pizza for the newspaper.

Now, go to the Lighthouse. Talk to the orange penguin, and he’ll let you borrow his balloons. Then scroll a little to the left and talk to the purple penguin. He’ll let you borrow a cream soda barrel.

Now, go to the beach, and get one of the nets that’s next to the Lighthouse.

Now, go back to the Gadget Room. Scroll right until you see helium. Click on it, and then go talk to Gary. He’ll let you take it.

Now, go to the Sports Shop. You’ll see a box of tent pegs. Put them in your inventory.

After that, go back to the Dock. Go into the hole.

Now you’ll have to go through a series of underground tunnels. Connect the to halves together and read the directions. they change every time you do the mission.

Now you’ll see the front of the Gift Shop. You’ll have to raise it to continue through the tunnels.

First, use your wrench to move the pipe.

Now go up to the Town. Combine the Super Helium with a balloon then tie it to the Gift Shop.

Then, put a net under the Gift Shop.

Now, get the tent pegs out. Use the sludge hammer to hammer them in. You’ve now fixed the Gift Shop!

Now, go back underground, and continue on the path. When you get to the next area, use your wrench to get the gear that’s in the back of Herbert’s machine.

Now, head on to the Boiler Room. Talk to Herbert, and eventually he’ll hit the Boiler with a wrench. Gary will then call you and tell you to fix the boiler. It’s pretty easy.

After you’ve reported back to Gary, you’ll have completed Mysterious Tremors. Congratulations!


How To Beat Clockwork Repairs

Hey guys! Here’s how to beat Clockwork Repairs!

First, click on Gary and talk to him for a minute.

When your done, click on the surveillance camera viewing the snow forts.

After this, talk to Gary again. Once your done, you’ll need to fix the Clock Tower.

First, go to the Dock. You’ll find two penguins in blue hockey jerseys holding the Clock Tower rewind target.

Talk to those penguins, and once your done, they’ll make you throw snowballs at the target to earn it.

Now, for the secret task, go to the Sports Shop. Keep scrolling in the Sports Shop until you see a red and white life ring. Put it in your inventory then go and hand it to the penguins at the Dock.

Now go to the Headquarters and scroll until you see 3 things locked up. Click on the magnet.

Now, with the help of your code tab, enter the word “KEY” and then put the magnet device into your inventory and go to the Iceberg.

Now scroll until you see a spring trapped in ice. Use the magnet to make it come to you. Once you have it, put it in your inventory and go to the Gadget Room.

Now scroll until you see the Test Chamber. Put the spring in it, pull the red switch, and press the button with a picture of fire on it.

When the fire stops blowing around, pull the red switch again, and put the spring into your inventory.

Now, go to the Pizza Parlor and put the page with music notes on it in your inventory.

Now go to the Beach and scroll until you see a green bucket. Put it in your inventory.

Once you have the bucket in your inventory, go to the Stage and click on the piano.

Put the music paper onto the rack, then play the piano to get the yellow puffle’s attention.

After you’ve gotten the yellow puffle’s attention, go to the Town and ask Rookie for a drawing of the prime gear.

Once you have the poster, go to the Snow Forts and fill the green bucket up with snow.

After the bucket is filled up, go back to the Stage and give the poster and the bucket to the yellow puffle. He will make a sculpture of the prime gear for you.

Put the gear sculpture into your inventory and then go to the Gadget Room again. Go back to the Test Chamber but this time, click the snow button.

Now put the frozen gear in your inventory and go to the Snow Forts and click on the Clock Tower. Now put the Target, Spring, and Prime Gear in the right place.

Now talk to Gary, and then your done!

How To Beat Questions For A Crab

Here’s a complete walk through for how to beat “Questions For A Crab”

First, you’ll have to talk to Gary. When your done, the crab will click a few times, then do a really loud one that breaks the machine. You will have to follow the crab.

When you end up in the club penguin wilderness, go into the path straight above you. When you get there, they’ll be no O-berries on the bush. So go into the path straight above you again. You’ll see a hungry black puffle. Now go into the path that’s left of you. You’ll see a bag of O-berries that were hung up in the tree. use your scissors to cut them down and put them in your inventory.

Now go back into the right path and feed the black puffle an O-berry.

When the black puffle is with you, go into the path that’s right of you. You will see the crab go into the small door. Throw an O-berry into it. The black puffle will race into the door and unlock it for you. Now go into the cave.

When your in the cave, you’ll get traped in a cage and the black puffle will hide behind a rock. Now you’ll have to talk to a polar bear named Herbert.

Once your done talking with Herbert, the black puffle will come out from behind the rock. When he does, scroll till you see the Cage Lift. Once you can see it, throw an O-berry on the red switch. This will turn the water on.

Now throw an O-berry onto the platform with the water running down it. The water should now be going the other way.

Throw another O-berry onto the gray platform. the water should now make the cage lift up.After that, scroll till you see a bottle of hot sauce. Put it in your inventory.

When the hot sauce is in your inventory, scroll to the right a bit and you’ll see some rope hanging from a piece of wood. Put it in your inventory. You’ll also see a hook leaning on a rock. Put that in your inventory too.

Now go to the door and open it. A huge pile of snow will fall and block your way of getting out. Combine the hot sauce with an O-berry to make a spicy O-berry. Feed it to the black puffle. It’ll make a hole in the snow so you can get out of Herbert’s lair.

When your out of Herbert’s lair, go into the path that’s right of you. Now go into the path that’s left of you. After that, go into the left path again. Now click on the Mountain, and combine the rope with the hook to make a grappling hook. Use it to get on top of the mountain.

When your on top of the mountain, go to the fishing hole. Once your there, click on Herbert 2 times. After you know he wants a seaweed pizza, go to the Pizza Parlor and get him one. While he’s eating it, you’ll see a switch on Herbert’s machine. Flip it. When Herbert turns it on, he’ll go flying across the lake! After that, Gary will come and talk to you. When your done talking to Gary, you complete Questions For A Crab!

How To Beat Secret Of The Fur

Here’s a complete walk through for how to beat “Secret Of The Fur”

First, you’ll have to talk to Gary. When your done, click on the Furensic Analyzer. Now take out your comb and comb the pink fur.

After this, Gary will give you the white messy fur. (This time when you put it in, you won’t have to use the comb.)

After it does it’s secondary scan of the white fur, when it shows whats on it, Gary will want you to bring back samples of the traces.

Here’s what you have to do.

First go to the Pizza Parlor, and talk to the chef. When your done, take a sample of hot sauce, and oneĀ  of chocolate sauce.

After that, talk to the chef. But this time, click on the sentence that says either “Is that pizza for anyone?” or ” Is there any way that I can help?” If you click one of those sentences the chef will tell you that he wants you to deliver the pizza to the penguin at the Ski Lodge.

Put the pizza in your inventory and go to the Ski Lodge. But go out back to the fishing hole. Now give the pizza to the penguin.

Now go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the brown penguin. When your done, talk to him again. But this time, click the sentence that says “Am I able to get a hot chocolate from you?” After you talk to him a bit more, click on the hot chocolate machine, and use your wrench to fix it.

After it’s fixed, take the mug, put it under the part where you can get hot chocolate, turn the temperature to hot, pour chocolate sauce into the funnel, and push the button for your sample of hot chocolate.

Now go back to the headquarters and go into the Gadget Room. Scroll till you see the AC 1000. Put it in your inventory.

When it’s in your inventory, go to the Beacon.

Scroll to the right till you see jet pack fuel floating out of reach. Use the AC 1000 to get it. Once you can reach it, use you scissors to cut it down.

When the jet pack fuel is in your inventory, go back to the Gadget Room, and pour the substances into the thing Gary made. Now take the goggles and go to the Beach. Scroll to the left a bit, then put a net in your inventory.

Once the net is in your inventory, go into the Lighthouse. Scroll till you see a boat with rope sticking out of it. Put the rope in your inventory.

After this, go to the Ski Lodge. You’ll see a candle. Put it in your inventory.

Now combine the net and the rope together to make a trap, then go to the fishing hole.

When you behind the Lodge, hang the trap on a tree branch. Then put the candle in the trap.

Once the crab gets caught in your trap, put it him in your inventory. After that, go and talk to Gary. When your done talking to him, you’ve finished Secret Of The Fur!

Stay tuned for more Mission Cheats!