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How To Become An EPF Secret Agent

Do you want to know how to become an EPF Secret Agent? Here’s how.

First, a penguin has to invite you to join, with Penguin Mail. There’s EPF Recruit Cards.

When you get a Recruit Card, head to the Ski Village and walk into the Everyday Phoning Facility.

Now, a video camera will scan you. If it scans you as a new recruit, then it’ll make you take the test. Here’s how to beat the test with perfect scores.

Test 1:

Hit the target with a snowball. This is really simple. The wall will show a target next to the TV.

Test 2:

Run from the green square to the red square. The bottom left and right columns will lift up revealing a green square and a red square. After they put the caged walls down from the green square, just one click on the red square is enough to get a perfect score.

Test 3:

Hide from the 2 video cameras. You will have 20 seconds to hide. If you want a perfect score, then hide behind (from Camera 1’s view) the bottom left or right corner. After you’ve done so, throw a snowball at Camera 2.

Test 4:

Avoid the Cage Trap. The top left column will rise and reveal a blue square. DON’T walk to it. Instead, throw a snowball at the power box.

If you do walk to the blue square, blue lasers will come down and outline the blue square like a cage. You’ll have one minute to figure out what to do. Again, just throw a snowball at the power box.

Adding up scores:

After you complete Test 4, the TV will add up your scores. If you followed my directions, then you should’ve gotten a perfect score.

Enter the elevator:

After the TV adds up your scores, then it’ll tell you to enter the elevator. The top right column will rise, creating an elevator labeled EPF. Enter it, and your officially an EPF Agent. Remember, your not part of the EPF until you enter the elevator.