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Card Jitsu Water Cheats!

Here’s the cheats for Card Jitsu Water!


1. How To Get Into The Water Dojo

2. Getting Started And How To Play

3. Earning Your Water Suit

4. Beating Water Sensei

5. The Awards Of Being A Water Ninja

How To Get Into The Water Dojo:

If you are a black belt and you’ve beaten Sensei in the original Card Jitsu, before you go into the actual dojo, go to the left and you’ll see a gray stone tablet. If you roll your mouse over it, it’ll roll down, revealing a door. Enter it.

Now, in the center of the ninja hideout, you’ll see an blue stone tablet with a picture of water on it. Click on it, and the stairs to it’s left will rise up, creating a big doorway. If you enter it, you’ll be in the Water Dojo.

Here’s what the Water Dojo looks like:

Getting Started And How To Play:

To get started, go to Water Sensei. To find him, roll your mouse over the Card Jitsu Water pillow. Water Sensei will appear in a cloud of blue smoke. Click on him.

Select “Yes” if you want to go to the Card Jitsu Water menu. Once you get there, there’s 3 choices that you can choose to do. You can choose “Earn your Water Suit”, “Challenge Sensei” or “Instructions”

Here’s what the Card Jitsu Water menu looks like:

Here’s how to play:

Whether it’s 2 player mode, 3 player mode, or 4 player mode the game is the same. You need to be the first penguin to get to the Card Jitsu Water Gong, and ring it.

To get to the gong, you must fight your way through the 3 elements: fire, water, and snow. How? Card Jitsu Cards. You will find ALL of your Card Jitsu Cards at the bottom of the screen, moving to the right.

The game goes like the original Card Jitsu. If there is snow forward, or diagonally left or right, you click a fire card in your deck, and then click the stone that the fire is on. The smaller amount of the element, the easier it is to clear that stone. If you use a power card on an element on a stone, the whole stone might clear, along with another on up ahead. Once you clear a stone, click on it, and you’ll hop onto it. If you make it to the gong before anyone else, you win 1st place!

Earning Your Water Suit:

To earn your Water Suit you must make progress in Card Jitsu Water Battles. To check your progress, when your not playing Card Jitsu Water and your a black belt in the original Card Jitsu, go to any room that has to do with it. Now look in the bottom right corner and you’ll see 3 cards. Click on them. Here’s what the progress menu looks like:

But I’m already a Water and Fire Ninja, so yours might look different.

And also, here’s the legend for the Water Suit. You get the first thing at the bottom, and the last thing at the top.

Beating Water Sensei:

Here are some helpful tips on beating Water Sensei:

1. Don’t stop picking cards to clear a stone, because Water Sensei can pass you in a split second.

2. Look 2 stones ahead of you instead of 1. You never know when a power card can come in handy.

3. Upgrade your cards before you face him, so you can have high cards to use.

The Awards Of Being A Water Ninja:

1. In the Ninja Hideout, the water section of the giant amulet in the center floor will glow blue. In the picture, I know that the fire section is glowing red. That just means that I’m also a Fire Ninja.

2. On your penguin’s amulet that you can put on as a neck item, well, the water section of that will be blue. And again, the fire section is red, but just because I’m also a Fire Ninja.

3. If you wear all the parts of your Water Suit, then dance, you can control water! Also, if you wear the whole suit then wave, water turns you invisible!