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How To Become A Ninja!

Here’s how to become a ninja.


1. How To Get Into The Dojo

2. Getting Started And How To Play

3. Earning Your Belts

4. Beating Sensei

5. The Awards Of Being A Ninja

How To Get Into The Dojo:

First, click on your map. It’s the only way to get there. Click on the Dojo icon, and you’ll be right outside the Dojo.

Now go into the 2 big doors and you’ll be in the Dojo.

Getting Started And How To Play:

To get started, just go to Sensei. He will be sitting on his Card Jitsu Pillow. Click on him then select “Yes”. Now you’ll go to the menu. Here’s what it looks like:

There are 3 choices: Earn Your Belts, Challenge Sensei, and Instructions. If you choose Earn Your Belts, then Sensei will pair you up with someone and you’ll get into a Card Jitsu Match. But you’ll need to know how to play first, so here’s how:

Okay, so the basic rules are simple:

Water beats Fire

Fire beats Snow

Snow beats Water

Now you’ll need cards. So Sensei will give you a starter pack when you first see him. When you get into a Card Jitsu Match, Sensei will most likely pair you up with someone who has the same belt as you. Here’s what a match looks like:

There’s also cards called Power Cards and they are cards with numbers 9-12. They have special effects. There’s a bunch of different effects. One of them could be a snow card, but if it’s played even against fire, it”ll become a snow card and then the highest number on the card wins. They also have cool graphics. Here’s one being played:

And another:

Here’s how to win:

In the top left or right corner (it depends where your penguin is) you can keep track of the cards that you’ve won. To win, you must get 3 cards of the same element but the cards have to be different colors. You could also get 3 cards of all 3 elements but they each have to be a different color.

Earning Your Belts:

To earn your next belt you must make progress in Card Jitsu Matches. To check your progress, whenever your not playing Card Jitsu go to any room that has to do with it. Now look in the bottom right corner and you’ll see 3 cards. If you click on them, you’ll go to the progress menu where you can check your progress and look at all your Card Jitsu Cards. Here’s what the menu looks like: (If your not a ninja.)

And also, here is the legend for the belts. You get the first belt at the bottom and the last belt at the top.

Beating Sensei:

Here are some helpful tips on beating Sensei:

1. Upgrade your cards before you face him.

2. Face him after you’ve received a black belt.

3. Sensei will sometimes “see” what card you’ve picked, so be careful.

The Awards Of Being A Ninja:

1. You get a black ninja mask from Sensei that you can wear as a face item.

2. You have an all access pass to the Ninja Hideout.

3. If your a member, you can access the Element Dojos, and buy stuff from the Martial Artworks catalog.