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Super Muscles Cheat

Here’s how to have super muscles.

1. Turn Light Blue.

2. Wear ONLY the Blue Water Wings. Now you have super muscles!


Cover Your Duck’s Eyes Cheat

Here’s how to cover a ducks eyes.

1. Wear ONLY a duck.

2. Hold down D on your keyboard. Now your covering your duck’s eyes!

Handstand Cheat

Here’s how to do a handstand.

1. Wear JUST the boombox.

2. Hold down D on your keyboard. Now your doing a handstand!


How To Get A Friendship Bracelet

Here’s how to get a Friendship Bracelet.

1. Go to the Book Room.

2. Click on the book case.

3. Go to the last page of the book “Rockhopper And The Stowaway” and click on the picture of the Friendship Bracelet.