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Rockhopper’s Rare Items August 2012 Cheats

Rockhopper is back, and with his new catalog too. There is one cheat in it.

To find the Grape Spear click on the word “Rare.”

Here’s what the whole catalog looks like:

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Rockhopper’s Rare Items December 2011 Catalog Cheats!

Rockhopper has returned!

And so has his catalog!

To find the Coins For Change Banner click on the house icon that’s on one of the shirts.

To find the Coins For Change Paper Chain click on the word “Rare”

Rockhopper Comes Back!

Hey guys! From September 22 – October 5, you can visit Rockhopper’s ship! But there are no cheats in his “Rockhopper’s Rare Items” catalog. We’ll just look at it anyways though. Here it is:

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