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Treasure Book Series 18 Cheats

The new Treasure Book, series 18 is out, but there’s no cheats in it. So we’ll jut look through it.

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September 2012 Costume Trunk Cheats

There isn’t any cheats in this Costume Trunk catalog, but I’ll show you it anyways.

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September 2012 Penguin Style Cheats

Here are the cheats for the September 2012 Penguin Style.

To find the Horse Hooves, and the Horse Costume go to page 5 and click on the left penguin’s left shoe.

To find the Green Wheeler go to page 9 and click on the Purple Wheeler’s right mirror.

To find the Viking Helmet go to page 14 and click on the paintbrush.

To find the Blue Viking Helmet go to page 14 and open and close the Viking Helmet 4 times.

To find the Green Surf Shorts, the Primitive Necklace, and The Flip go to page 15 and click on the flower that’s in The Lovely.

To find the Green Sandals, the Aqua Sarong, and The Lavish go to page 17 and click on one of the wheels that’s on the left penguin’s left Pink Rollerskate.

To find the Rhythm & Purple Blues, and The Handsome go to page 23 and click on the left penguin’s right flipper.

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Rockhopper’s Rare Items August 2012 Cheats

Rockhopper is back, and with his new catalog too. There is one cheat in it.

To find the Grape Spear click on the word “Rare.”

Here’s what the whole catalog looks like:

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