I’m Quitting This Website

I’m sorry to say this, but I’m going to quit this website and Youtube. It’s just to much work sometimes. However, I won’t be quitting my Minecraft website though. Also, this does NOT mean that I’m going to quit Club Penguin. Megapenguincheats has had a good run, and for history’s sake, I will leave my website and Youtube Channel up.


3 responses

  1. Aww! I’ll be sad to see you go. 😦 you were/are an awesome blogger and I’d love to meet you on CP!!

    1. Yeah, it’s sad that I won’t post anymore on this blog and on Youtube. But I’ll still be waddling around Club Penguin. You seem like a nice penguin, and I would love to meet you. I also know that I’ve heard that penguin name somewhere before, but I just can’t remember where…

      1. We should set a time to meet up! I wonder where you’ve heard my club penguin name… Hmmm… anyway, meet you on Club Penguin soon! (ish) (:

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