Monthly Archives: September, 2012

New 2012 Fair Prizes Are Here!

New Fair prizes are here, and there’s even a cheat!

Nonmember Prize Booth:

Members Only Prize Booth:


To find the Every Flavor Ice Cream Cone go to the Members Only Prize Booth and click on the first white flag.


Field Ops 101 Cheat

Here’s how to get Field Op Medal 101.

1. Go to the Command Room and accept the Field Op.

2. Go to the Stadium and walk to the Fish Dog Cart.

3. Solve the puzzle and read the message.

Treasure Book Series 18 Cheats

The new Treasure Book, series 18 is out, but there’s no cheats in it. So we’ll jut look through it.

To see July’s Treasure Book Cheats, (Series 17) click here.


Triple Scoop Pin Cheat

Here’s how to get the new Triple Scoop Pin.

1. Go to the Ski Lodge.

2. Find and click on the Triple Scoop Pin.