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Field Ops 75 Cheat!

Here’s how to get Field Op Medal 75!

1. Go to the Command Room and accept the Field Op.

2. Go to the Candy Dimension and walk to the giant candy cane.

3. Destroy enough bugs by click the right coordinates on the grid.


April Fool’s Party 2012 Cheats!

Here’s the cheats for the last party in all of Club Penguin! April Fools! It definitely isn’t the last party.

Free Items:

To get the Blue Propeller Cap:

go to the Town or Plaza and click on the crate with them in it.

To get the Box Hat:

Go to the Cream Soda Dimension and find your way through the Barrel Maze. Here’s how:

When you get to the Cream Soda Dimension, walk into the barrel to the right. Now, just keep going back into the barrels that you came out from. When you get to the island with the Box Hat on it, walk onto the square, and the cage will be lifted.

To get the Box Costume:

Go to the Zany Dimension (Members only) and click on the crate with them in it.

To get the Box Shoes:

Go to the Zany Dimension (Members only) and click on the crate with them in it.


Now, I’m going to give you a full tour of the dimensions.

Doodle Dimension:

This is an odd dimension… I’ve been drawn! And what is this on my head? A little hat? Hm… I thought I had on a Gold Viking Helmet…

Here’s a secret: If you click the blue pencil near the bottom of the screen, the pencil will draw devil horns and a devil tail on the puffle that was drawn on the Post-It-Note.

A Silly Place:

This room is silly. There’s a joke competition, different seats, and a door that leads to another one! That’s pretty silly. If you like to tell jokes, then you better head on over here!

Cream Soda Dimension:

This room is yummy, especially for Captain Rockhopper! Perhaps this is where Cream Soda came from? There’s also a free item here you can obtain by finding your way through the Barrel Maze.

A Strange Dimension:

This dimension is… strange. Talking tiki statues, fish swiming through floating windows, a floating fishing pole, a piano bridge… This dimension confuses me…

Orange Dimension:

This is the dimension where Orange Puffles came from. It’s pretty silly… And new!

Desert Dimension:

This dimension is cool. If you stand on the left side, it’ll be daytime. If you stand on the right side, it’ll be nighttime. There’s also a catalog in this dimension.

Staircase Dimension:

This dimension makes me feel sick. I’m upside down! There’s not much room in the dimension, but it’s still kinda cool.

Space Dimension:

This room is pretty cool! Because of no gravity, you get to slide instead of waddle! There’s also a catalog in this dimension.

Candy Dimension:

This dimension is filled with lots of sweet, lip smacking food- candy! Dig in! This dimension’s never gonna run out of candy! There’s also a catalog in this dimension.

Zany Dimension:

This dimension is… Well… Zany! You can stretch and shrink! This dimension is members only!  There’s also 2 free items here. You just have to click the crates they’re in to get them.

Special Rooms:

You just saw them! They were all the dimensions!

Updates In April- Sneak Peak!

Ok. Ready to guess? Here are the pictures.

Picture 1:

Clue: Hm… what game do you think this is?

Picture 2:

Clue: This MIGHT be released. But when?

Picture 3:

Clue: A new hunt with some new Yellow Bunny Ears!

New Cake Pin Cheat!

There’s a new Cake Pin on Club Penguin! Here’s how to get it.

1. Go to the Boiler Room.

2. Find and click on the new Cake Pin.