Rockhopper’s Quest 2012 Cheats!

Here are the cheats for Rockhopper’s Quest 2012!

Free Items:

To Get the Crew Cap:

Go to the Beach and you’ll see a barrel with them in it.

To get the Shipwreck Beacon Pin:

Build a beacon on Shipwreck island and you’ll get it.

To get the Viking Lord Helmet and the Viking Lord Armor:

Find the entrance to the Hall Of Viking Lords on Shipwreck Island then move your mouse over the black chest to reveal these items.

Rockhopper’s Quest:


To sail to Shipwreck Island and build a beacon there so Rockhopper won’t crash.

How To get to Shipwreck Island:

First, go to the Beach so you can get onto Rockhopper’s Ship. Once you enter, Rockhopper will give you a message. Then you can set sail.

The first island you’ll sail to is called the Swashbuckler Trading Post.

There’s also a catalog here.

And most importantly, you need to collect the cargo for the beacon.

Now, head back onto the Migrator.

The next island you’ll set sail for is called Dinosaur Island.

There’s also a catalog on this island too.

And most importantly, don’t forget to pick up the cargo on this island.

Now, head back onto the Migrator.

Okay, you’ve now gotten all of your cargo, and your heading to Shipwreck Island!

The supplies to build the beacon will be next to the entrance with stone dragon faces.

Once you’ve built the beacon, you should get a pin.

Now, if your a member, go into the entryway with dragon statues to find the Hall Of Viking Lords.

Take a look:

You can also get the Viking Lord Helmet, and the Viking Lord Armor here.

You’ve now finished Rockhopper’s Quest! And from now on, you can sail to the Swashbuckler Trading Post, Dinosaur Island, and Shipwreck Island in a blink of an eye.

Special Rooms:


Swashbuckler Trading Post:

Dinosaur Island:

Shipwreck Island:

Hall Of Viking Lords:


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