Daily Archives: February 10th, 2012

Rockhopper Spotted February 2012!

Hey guys! Right now if you head up to the Beacon and look through the telescope, you’ll be able to see Rockhopper’s Ship! He’ll be here next week!


Costume Trunk February 2012 Catalog Cheats!

Hey guys! The Penguins That Time Forgot and The Haunting Of The Viking Opera have returned, mixed together!

And every play comes with a new Costume Trunk Catalog! Here’s the one cheat for it.

To find the Megaphone and the Director’s Hat go to page 3 and click on the starfish.

Field Op 68 Cheat!

Here’s how to get Field Op Medal 68!

First, go to the Command Room and accept the Field Op.

Now, go to the Pizza Parlor and walk to the counter. Field Op found!

Now you’ll have to decrypt the passcode by matching shapes together. It’s really not that hard.

New Camera Pin Cheat!

There’s a new Camera Pin in Club Penguin! Here’s how to find it.

1. Go to the Dock.

2. Find and click on the new pin.