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Card Jitsu Snow… Again!

Hey guys! So, as we all know, Card Jitsu Snow did NOT come out in November 2011. But Now I have different information that was very interesting when I first saw it.

It said that Card Jitsu Snow MIGHT come out in May 14th, 2012. Why? Here’s some proof: (These are still rumors.)

1. On the Club Penguin Calendar in May, there is a picture of a ninja.

2. The Club Penguin Team said that they weren’t ready with Card Jitsu Snow yet, so they could’ve delayed the date it was coming out and moved it May.

3. It’s confirmed in a UK Club Penguin Magazine that Card Jitsu Snow will be released on May 14, 2012.

That’s all I got. Until then, here’s a picture of a Snow Ninja:


Card Jitsu Shadow Ultimate Sneak Peak!

Hey guys! I still don’t know when Card Jitsu Shadow will come out, (Possibly in 2013 though.) but here are some sneak peaks I found:

I’m very curious about these pictures…

Herbert Has Escaped!

Hey guys! Remember how we trapped Herbert in August 2011 in Operation Hibernation? Well he escaped! Yep, it’s true! Go to the EPF Command Room and go check the Herbert Cam!

Hmmm… I wonder what he’s up to?

New Beach Chair Pin Cheat!

Here’s how to get the new Beach Chair pin!

1. Go to the Dance Club.

2. Find and click on the new Beach Chair Pin.