How To Beat Clockwork Repairs

Hey guys! Here’s how to beat Clockwork Repairs!

First, click on Gary and talk to him for a minute.

When your done, click on the surveillance camera viewing the snow forts.

After this, talk to Gary again. Once your done, you’ll need to fix the Clock Tower.

First, go to the Dock. You’ll find two penguins in blue hockey jerseys holding the Clock Tower rewind target.

Talk to those penguins, and once your done, they’ll make you throw snowballs at the target to earn it.

Now, for the secret task, go to the Sports Shop. Keep scrolling in the Sports Shop until you see a red and white life ring. Put it in your inventory then go and hand it to the penguins at the Dock.

Now go to the Headquarters and scroll until you see 3 things locked up. Click on the magnet.

Now, with the help of your code tab, enter the word “KEY” and then put the magnet device into your inventory and go to the Iceberg.

Now scroll until you see a spring trapped in ice. Use the magnet to make it come to you. Once you have it, put it in your inventory and go to the Gadget Room.

Now scroll until you see the Test Chamber. Put the spring in it, pull the red switch, and press the button with a picture of fire on it.

When the fire stops blowing around, pull the red switch again, and put the spring into your inventory.

Now, go to the Pizza Parlor and put the page with music notes on it in your inventory.

Now go to the Beach and scroll until you see a green bucket. Put it in your inventory.

Once you have the bucket in your inventory, go to the Stage and click on the piano.

Put the music paper onto the rack, then play the piano to get the yellow puffle’s attention.

After you’ve gotten the yellow puffle’s attention, go to the Town and ask Rookie for a drawing of the prime gear.

Once you have the poster, go to the Snow Forts and fill the green bucket up with snow.

After the bucket is filled up, go back to the Stage and give the poster and the bucket to the yellow puffle. He will make a sculpture of the prime gear for you.

Put the gear sculpture into your inventory and then go to the Gadget Room again. Go back to the Test Chamber but this time, click the snow button.

Now put the frozen gear in your inventory and go to the Snow Forts and click on the Clock Tower. Now put the Target, Spring, and Prime Gear in the right place.

Now talk to Gary, and then your done!


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