Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Field Op 53- Mission Cheats!

Here are the new Field Op cheats!

First, go to the Command Room and accept the Field Op.

Now, go to the Night Club and click on the speaker with a big pumpkin on it. (It looks like it has a mask on.) Field Op found!


Pet Shop Construction!

Hey guys! Construction at the Pet Shop has begun! Pufflescape will be here next week!

Club Penguin- November 2011 Schedule!

Hey guys! I think that I might have figured out Club Penguin’s schedule for November! Here’s what I think:

November 3: new Penguin Style

November 10: new Better Igloos

November 17: Card Jitsu Snow scavenger hunt; and maybe a new play too.

November 24: Card Jitsu Snow finally comes out

And here’s a VERY exclusive photo:

But again, do you see the penguin’s color? IT’S GRAY. This is a possibility that the color gray is coming to Club Penguin! (Click both pictures to enlarge.)

Website Updates In November- Answers!

Hey guys! Here are the answers for the website updates in November- sneak peek!

Picture 1:

Answer: Card Jitsu Snow is coming to Club Penguin!

Picture 2:

Answer: New yearbook cheats!

Picture 3:

Answer: New card jitsu cheats!