Monthly Archives: September, 2011

Website updates in October: Sneak Peak!

Hey guys! I’m gonna make some updates to my website this October! Here’s a sneak peak!

Want the answers? Fine. I’ll give you some hints. Picture 1: New cheats…

Picture 2: Fire, water, and _____…

Picture 3: This actually is NOT for the website. It’s something new coming to Club Penguin…

Picture 4: New cheats…

Hope that helped.


All The Fair 2011 Prizes!

Hey guys! The other prizes came out today! So here’s all the prizes from the fair 2011!

Prize booth for members and non-members:

And also, there is no cheats for this prize booth.

Prize booth for members only:

There’s two cheats for this prize booth. To find the stuffed turtle click on the second red banner.

To find the cherry balloon click on the third white banner.

That’s all for now!

All Of The Rooms Decorated For The Fair 2011!

Hey guys! I thought, “hey the fair has lots of rooms that’ve been decorated! So why not make a post about it?” Well, here’s the post! And I’m only showing the rooms that HAVE been decorated.


Coffee Shop:

Night Club:




Ski Village:

Ski Hill:

Snow Forts:


Bonus Games Room:


Pizza Parlor:


Great Puffle Circus Entrance:

Great Puffle Circus:



Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Fair 2011 Cheats!

Here are the cheats for the Fair 2011!

Free Items:

To get the free “Step Right Up” background, go to the Ski Village and click on the camera.

To get the free Snow Cone Pin, go to the coffee shop and throw 6 snowballs into the snow cone machine.

Prize Booth Cheats:

At the member prize booth, there are 2 cheats.

To find the stuffed turtle, click on the second red banner.

To find the Cherry Balloon click on the third banner.

Also be sure to check out the post of all the fair rooms in addition to how many there are!