How To Beat Questions For A Crab

Here’s a complete walk through for how to beat “Questions For A Crab”

First, you’ll have to talk to Gary. When your done, the crab will click a few times, then do a really loud one that breaks the machine. You will have to follow the crab.

When you end up in the club penguin wilderness, go into the path straight above you. When you get there, they’ll be no O-berries on the bush. So go into the path straight above you again. You’ll see a hungry black puffle. Now go into the path that’s left of you. You’ll see a bag of O-berries that were hung up in the tree. use your scissors to cut them down and put them in your inventory.

Now go back into the right path and feed the black puffle an O-berry.

When the black puffle is with you, go into the path that’s right of you. You will see the crab go into the small door. Throw an O-berry into it. The black puffle will race into the door and unlock it for you. Now go into the cave.

When your in the cave, you’ll get traped in a cage and the black puffle will hide behind a rock. Now you’ll have to talk to a polar bear named Herbert.

Once your done talking with Herbert, the black puffle will come out from behind the rock. When he does, scroll till you see the Cage Lift. Once you can see it, throw an O-berry on the red switch. This will turn the water on.

Now throw an O-berry onto the platform with the water running down it. The water should now be going the other way.

Throw another O-berry onto the gray platform. the water should now make the cage lift up.After that, scroll till you see a bottle of hot sauce. Put it in your inventory.

When the hot sauce is in your inventory, scroll to the right a bit and you’ll see some rope hanging from a piece of wood. Put it in your inventory. You’ll also see a hook leaning on a rock. Put that in your inventory too.

Now go to the door and open it. A huge pile of snow will fall and block your way of getting out. Combine the hot sauce with an O-berry to make a spicy O-berry. Feed it to the black puffle. It’ll make a hole in the snow so you can get out of Herbert’s lair.

When your out of Herbert’s lair, go into the path that’s right of you. Now go into the path that’s left of you. After that, go into the left path again. Now click on the Mountain, and combine the rope with the hook to make a grappling hook. Use it to get on top of the mountain.

When your on top of the mountain, go to the fishing hole. Once your there, click on Herbert 2 times. After you know he wants a seaweed pizza, go to the Pizza Parlor and get him one. While he’s eating it, you’ll see a switch on Herbert’s machine. Flip it. When Herbert turns it on, he’ll go flying across the lake! After that, Gary will come and talk to you. When your done talking to Gary, you complete Questions For A Crab!


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