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August Party And More!

I found out some stuff! First, on August 26, the Sled Racing Party starts! Also a new System Defender level is coming on August 11th! I’m exited! What do you guys think the new System Defender level will be like? Let me know in the comments!


My Sister’s Club Penguin Account!

My sister just became a member on club penguin! I just wanted to show you guys her penguin and her igloo. Don’t post any mean comments about her. She’s only 5. Well, she’ll be 6 on August 7th. Also, I help her earn coins, and show her every club penguin secret. So if you see “sally987” on club penguin be sure to try to talk to her a bit. I’ll tell her what your saying. (Also, her real name is Katie.)

Anyways, here’s her penguin:

And her igloo:

I don’t know when she’ll change her penguin or igloo, but I do know that she changes her igloo a lot.

I’m On Vacation!

Hey guys! Right now I’m on vacation at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! We come here every summer because my Grandma and Grandpa live here! But don’t worry, I’ll still edit, create, and post things when I get a chance. So see ya!

August 2011 Party Being Announced Next Week!

I’m VERY curious about what the party for this August is. So I decided to post about it! Anyways, in the last 2 newspapers, they gave you some clues. One of them said that “High speed snow gear” will race into the gift shop on August 5th. In the other, It said that sports furniture would come on August 14th, a red vs. blue play at the stage would come on August 18th, and the new party will be announced in the next newspaper. Here’s what I’m thinking: Club Penguin is planning some kind of new Sports Party! Let me know what you think the new party for August will be in the comments!